Sound Off for August 29, 2017

Income supply

If the police need to make a bit of cash, watch all of the litterers utilizing Milgen Street between Reese and Miller as their private trash dump. Disgusting.


The Google worker being fired for sharing a memo ought to concern us all. They are saying he who controls info controls the world. And no one controls info like Google does.


Trump’s rising tribalism is harmful. With a view to accommodate him, his supporters will not be noticing that their ethical moorings are starting to erode, and this tends to make good individuals do dangerous issues.

Watched protection of Alabama voting precincts displaying “ID required” indicators, and considered all of the black voters turned away due to problem acquiring IDs. MSNBC and CNN needed to interview them, however there weren’t any.

Each of Texas’ U.S. senators (Republicans) beforehand have been towards utilizing federal funds for catastrophe aid. Now, each have miraculously reversed their stance.

Obama pardoned 212 and commuted convictions of 1,715 and Washington simply smiled at him. Trump pardoned one public servant who gave 23 years of service and the media criticizes him. One other instance of double requirements.

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