Trump remarks about Charlottesville violence

Highlights of President Donald Trump’s remarks Tuesday concerning the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia:


As I stated on — keep in mind this — Saturday, we condemn within the strongest potential phrases this egregious show of hatred, bigotry and violence. It has no place in America. And once I went on from there. … This is the factor. Once I make a press release, I wish to be right. I would like the details. This occasion simply occurred. … So I do not need to rush into a press release. So making the assertion once I made it was wonderful.


What concerning the alt-left that got here charging on the — as you say, the alt-proper? Have they got any semblance of guilt? … Let me ask you this. What concerning the reality they got here charging — that they got here charging with golf equipment of their palms, swinging golf equipment? Have they got any drawback? I feel they do.


I’ve condemned neo-Nazis. I’ve condemned many various teams. However not all of these individuals have been neo-Nazis, consider me. Not all of these individuals have been white supremacists, by any stretch. These individuals have been additionally there as a result of they needed to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E. Lee. … So this week it is Robert E. Lee. I observed that Stonewall Jackson’s coming down. I’m wondering, is it George Washington subsequent week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?


George Washington was a slave-proprietor. Was George Washington a slave-proprietor? So, will George Washington now lose his standing? Are we going to take down — excuse me — are we going to take down, are we going to take down statues to George Washington? … How about Thomas Jefferson? What do you consider Thomas Jefferson? You want him? … OK. Good. Are we going to take down the statue? As a result of he was a serious slave-proprietor. Now, are we going to take down his statue?

So you recognize what? It is superb. You are altering historical past. You are altering tradition. And also you had individuals, and I am not speaking concerning the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, as a result of they need to be condemned completely. However you had many individuals in that group aside from neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

OK? And the press has handled them completely unfairly. Now, within the different group additionally, you had some wonderful individuals, however you additionally had troublemakers and also you see them include the black outfits and with the helmets and with the baseball bats.


There have been individuals in that rally, and I seemed the night time earlier than. In the event you look, they have been individuals protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee. I am positive in that group there have been some dangerous ones. The next day, it seemed like that they had some tough, dangerous individuals — neo-Nazis, white nationalists, no matter you need to name them.

However you had lots of people in that group that have been there to innocently protest and really legally protest, as a result of you understand — I do not know if you realize, that they had a allow. The opposite group did not have a allow.

So, I solely inform you this, there are two sides to a narrative.

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